Katie Hughes

Before I started working out with Hope, I thought I knew a few things about fitness.  I walked (or rather shuffled!) out of the gym after my first session with her and felt like I had tripled my knowledge of fitness after just one short hour.  Every session proved to be just as educational and physically challenging. I worked out with her once a month for about 6 months leading up to my wedding.  In between sessions, I followed her instructions to be consistent with my workouts because she's "not a magician" and I had to put in the work to get results. I felt fantastic on my wedding day and proud of how hard I worked to shape my body!  Hope is the perfect combination of no-nonsense and non-threatening."

   Courtney Brady

I have always  been active but  not the type of person that loves to workout. I knew that I wanted to be tone u for my wedding  and that I was going to need someone to guide and push me. Hope was just that person. She made me comfortable with using weights by explaining how we use them  to train properly and get results. With only 3 months to my wedding and no prior lifting experience Hope explain the importance of not only training with her but in doing what she told me to on my own so I would reach my goal. What a difference I felt and saw  from the first session we had together to one month later. I could see and feel the difference in my entire body. In just  three short  months Hope taught me valuable lifting techniques that I can use for the rest of my life.  She is not an easy trainer but the best part about training with Hope is that she sincerely cares and wants to see you succeed. She motivated me to work my hardest so that I would not only look great on my wedding day but that I would also see my strengths and gains and continue my fitness routine after my wedding.  Moving back to Boston I say goodbye to Hope but thanks  for everything; your fitness knowledge, motivation and friendship.

  Leah Williams Bilinsky

  Carli C.

An hour with Hope flies by, which is fantastic when working out. I asked Hope for one thing and that was definition in my arms. Hope came through and made that happen for me. Thank you!!.”


Although I’ve always been a fan of working out and following healthy living routines, I felt I needed more. I needed that extra push that I couldn’t give myself. I watched Hope train others and thought “that looks painful…I have to try it”. Sure enough I started working out with her on a regular basis. She brings experience, enthusiasm, energy and creativity to each and every one of my workouts. Results are guaranteed! Hope pushes me and challenges me to reach and realize my true potential. 
Brides to be, schedule your time with her now, you WILL meet your fitness goal. She’ll give you the results you want!

Ellen Cox

Brides you're hiring a caterer, florist, a band so why not also enlist the expertise of a Philly’s #1 personal trainer? If you're trying to lose weight for your wedding, or tone up those arms I can help. Having a trainer can be one of the best ways to help you reach your goals and look your best on your special day.

Hope is an amazing motivator in the gym, both as a personal trainer and just for being Hope. I remember watching her workout and being in awe at her strength and physique. I always looked forward to our training sessions every week in the months preceding my wedding. She pushed me to do things I thought I could not do, encouraging me every step of the way. Hope truly enjoys seeing people succeed at reaching their goals and accomplishing things they thought they could not. While my initial goal was to look the best I could on my wedding day, I achieved so much more than that from training with Hope. She is such an inspiration to me every day to be physically fit and achieve my fitness goals. Her professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm makes her the awesome trainer she is. 
Thank you Hope!

Kerri Macken

Here Comes The Bride....

Strong  never looked so good. Watch out!

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